A Beautiful Church Meeting & A Beautiful Poem About A Beautiful Woman!

Posted on February 21, 2011


My wife and I had the privlidge of being apart of a glorious church meeting recently. To be exact, it was yesterday as of this writing. As you may know, the New Testament describes church gatherings as a time when believers gather together to encourage one another, and build each other up. This is done primarily by speaking the truth to one another as Ephesians 4:15 & 25 describes.

Contrary to how many people understand this passage, we have come to understand that truth is a person named Jesus Christ. Simply put, church meetings are filled with believers sharing a revelation of Jesus Christ that they have received with one another. A regular church meeting is not a passive meeting in which only a few participate.

Yesterday’s church meeting was an overflow of about 2 weeks of preparation by the body of believers. The group had been studying the tabernacle of David from 1 Chronicles 15-16 & 2 Samuel 6. Since we know that all of scripture is about one man (Jesus Christ), the body of believers spent time looking for a revelation of Jesus Christ in these passages of scripture.

Yesterday, the meeting comprised of the body sharing the revelation of Christ that the Lord showed them from their study. The result was beautiful. Jesus Christ was the subject of all that was talked about, and many angles of Him were described. As each person shared their contribution, it seemed to fit and build on the back of the previous person’s contribution. It fit extremely well because Christ Himself was the one leading the meeting.

My wife’s contribution was a poem. I wanted to share with you her poem because it summarized the sentiments of what was shared by the whole body about Christ being the true tabernacle and house of God. According to 1 Peter 2:4-5, we who are in Christ are being put together with one another into this very house! The tabernacle of Moses has been fulfilled, and the tabernacle of David has been restored by Christ through the church!

Obviously, when we are talking about Jesus Christ, we have to include the bride of Christ since she is His very body now. We have been placed ‘In Christ’, and that is why the bride of Christ is a beautiful woman! May this poem cause you to see and savor the gloriousness of Christ today:

No house of cedar
Nor house of stone
Could contain the Royal Throne

Where once hung linen
That blocked our sight
Now wide open exposing life

The veil is gone
In two it’s torn
Priestly robes we now adorn

Our hearts now dance
Our souls must sing
We’ve been united with our King

Brick by brick
And stone by stone
Our hearts together-into a home

(by Brandie Jivanjee)

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