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Who’s Trying To Kill You? (history of the Anabaptists & why it matters to you…important msg from Jon Zens)

June 21, 2011


None of us live in a vacuum. This might sound silly to say, but the world did not begin when we were born. Every context that we live in today has a history behind it that directly affects us. I’m talking about things like our nation’s history, and yes, even our context and understanding of […]

A Tale Of Two Women…Which Woman Do You Belong To?

June 17, 2011


For most of my life as a believer in Jesus Christ, I have lacked a stunning vision and understanding of who He is. As a result, I routinely missed seeing the person of Christ. This has especially been true for me while reading scripture. Unfortunately, Christless scripture reading is actually quite normal for most people. […]

Francis Chan’s Talk From Passion 2011, And The $64 Million Question!

January 17, 2011


There are several people who have influenced me throughout my journey in Christ.  One person who has influenced me greatly from afar is Francis Chan.  Let me give you one example.  A few years ago, I attended a conference in which Francis was speaking to a large group of college students.  During the talk, Francis […]

A Defense Of The Indefensible- The top 3 objections against my last article. (Do you relate to one of these 3?)

January 6, 2011


If you have ever stumbled upon a bee’s hive, or a wasp’s nest, you probably know how dangerous it can be.  Most of the time when I stumble upon them, I leave them alone.  After all, why would I stir up danger and risk being stung if I didn’t have to?  There have been times, […]

Faction Planting, or Church Planting? (Please read with an open mind )

January 6, 2011


Faction Planting, or Church Planting? Dear Church, I have discovered that it is easy to recognize when something is not right, but it is much more difficult to ask ‘why’ something is not right.  Asking ‘why’ can be difficult because it may lead us to discover things that may change the course of our entire […]